Hitech has the capability of manufacturing the above types of radiators with the following material and technical specifications

HITECH can manufacture 520mm wide radiators using cold rolled carbon steel (CRCA) as well as stainless steel sheets of grade 304L and 316L The standard thicknesses of sheet are 1.00mm and 1.20mm.

The infrastructure at HITECH can manufacture radiators with center to center distances starting from 1000mm up to 4500mm.
The elements are held in position with bracing straps or round bright bars of 10mm dia. for purpose of bracing as per DIN std. 42559
The distance between the elements i.e. pitch can be provided of 40mm / 45mm / 50mm and 55mm.
HITECH can manufacture radiators with header pipes of 88.9mm OD (80 NB) and 114mm OD (100 NB) as per prevailing IS / DIN standards.

Specific customer requirements regarding desired accessories can also be incorporated inclusive of various types of fan support brackets required on radiators.

HITECH can offer radiators with a wide spectrum of internal and external coatings as per the climatic conditions.


    • Surface Treatment:
      Radiators are grit blasted after pressure testing. Grit blasting ensures that the entire surface area is cleaned and no contamination, oil traces or rust is left on the radiator surface. The grit blasting process also gives the necessary profile which facilitates paint adhesion on metal. The radiators are grit blasted to Sa 2 1/2 as per ISO 8501 or SSPC-SP-10.
    • HITECH offers the following paint systems as per customer requirement.
    • Radiators externally coated with epoxy base / intermediate primers & paints with final paint shade as per customer specifications.
    • Radiators externally coated with zinc rich base primers + epoxy intermediate MlO primers + polyurethane top coat paints with final paint shade as per customer specifications.
    • Water based paint systems are also provided as per customer requirements.
    • Only hot dip galvanized (HDG) radiators without any of the above mentioned paint systems.
    • Hot dip galvanized (HDG) radiators and subsequently coated with any of the above mentioned paint systems.
    • HITECH offers various paint systems in accordance to ISO 12944-2 - Global Corrosion standards..


HITECH can offer radiators with two options of internal coating of radiators.

  • Surface Treatment:
    The radiators are first thoroughly cleaned with wire brush followed by dry air purging to ensure dust free internal surface.
    Subsequently an electromagnet is also inserted in header pipes to ensure zero metallic contamination inside the header pipes.
  • Radiators are internally flushed with solvents.
  • Radiators are internally coated with alkyd phenolic based hot oil resistant varnish ELMOLUFT 1A FD of ELANTAS – Dr. Beck’s make with a temperature resistant index of 120°C.or internally coated with single pack primers – RD-124 – CHING Germany make with a temperature resistant index of 150°C.
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