Hot Dip Galvanized (HDG) – Services


  • Radiators & tanks are galvanized horizontally in single dip.
  • Entire range of radiators & tanks can be galvanized – size ranging from 1000mm to 4500 mm having 5nos. to 40nos. of fins (panels/elements).
  • Distortion free radiators & tanks after galvanizing process.
  • Assured average zinc deposition in the range of 65 to 85 microns.
  • Environment friendly (lead free) zinc galvanizing plant, abiding all the local & statutory pollution control norms.

We can offer RADIATORS & TANKS with various internal & external coatings in accordance to ISO 12944.

  • Externally coated with epoxy base primers & paint.
  • Externally coated with zinc rich base primers + epoxy intermediate MIO primers + polyurethane (PU) top coat paint.
  • Hot dip galvanized as per DIN 50976 / ISO 1461 & coated with any of the above mentioned paint systems, as an option to enhance corrosion protection.
  • HITECH can offer various paint systems as per ISO 12944 Global Corrosion Standard.
  • Radiators & tanks internally coated with phenolic based hot oil resistant varnish or with hot oil resistant PVB single pack primer.

Internally cleanliness ensured by exclusive solvent flushing (pre-internal coating) & transformer oil flushing (post internal coating) having cleanliness of NACE-I level.

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